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The St. Mark's - Port Football Club inaugural Hall of Fame induction was held on Saturday 9th May 2009. Approximately 350 people attended a very successful and emotional night. Guests travelled from throughout South Australia and interstate to attend.
The deeds of great footballers and administrators were heard, acknowledged, appreciated and reminisced about. This was truly one of the great nights of the St. Mark's - Port Football Club.
The efforts of the volunteer kitchen staff in serving 315 quality meals was magnificent. Thanks goes to the following volunteers -

Gordon Williams, Lorraine Williams, Margie Schrader, Pat Brine, Ben Mayes, Phil Woods, Chad Mayes, Des Conder, Merril Reichelt, Cody Brooke, Matthew Thomson, Sam Mayes, Graham Hoile, Steve Rea, Sue Rea, Janine Mayes, Leon Mayes, Caroline Hannan, Steven Pisani, Katie Pole and Gwen Miller. 

There were 5 Legends and 32 Hall of Fame Members inducted. The five legends were -
Kevin Brady, John Connelly, Joe Lambert, Peter Murphy & Laurance Sheridan. 
Former State Premier and the Clubs Number one ticket holder Rob Kerin and Club President Midge Johnson inducted the Hall of Fame Members and Legends.

pdfAdam Magor                                   pdfJack Brady                              pdfMartin Kearns

pdfBiff Martin                                        pdfJamie Keane                          pdfMatt Walsh

pdfChris Pollard                                  pdfJoe Lambert                           pdfMax Goodwin

pdfDenis Sayner                                 pdfJohn Connelly                         pdfMick Tattoli         

pdfDon Rafanelli                                 pdfJohn Pasculli                          pdfNorm Pisani  

pdfErn Rafanelli                                  pdfJohn Rafanelli                         pdfPerc Lemm       

pdfFrank Audoss                                pdfKevin Brady                              pdfPeter Murphy 

pdfFrank Hackett                                 pdfKevin Connor                          pdfRex Dymmott

pdfGeorge Jobson                             pdfKevin Lauritsen                       pdfSalvatore Mezzino

pdfGwen Miller                                    pdfLaurence Sheridan                pdfTom Keain

pdfHarry Madigan                               pdfLen Wolter                               pdfWally Schapel

pdfHerb Bronnick                                pdfLou O'Loughlin

pdfHugh Murphy                                  pdfMarlene Murphy