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Port took to the field for the first league games of the season at home against PropRisdon. Full results and gallery.



Round 1



Port                     8.12-60  

PropRisdon       13.8-86

Goal Kickers: S. Dyer 3, J. Fuller 2, T. Harmer 2, T. Bradley, C. Marsland, L. Patterson, A. Chivell, T. Horsnell, T. Ley
Best Players: S. Dyer, T. Eckert, T. Ley, T. Thorpe, T. Horsnell
Goal Kickers: A. Coe 2, G. Phillips 2, B. Woodards 2, M. Collins, C. Grove
Best Players: A. Coe, F. Collins, J. Akker, D. Puddy, O. Gray




Port                       5.9-39  

PropRisdon         11.11-77


Goal Kickers: T. Pellegrini 3, A. Congdon 2, R. Thorpe, D. Combe, C. O”Connor, R. Fowler, R. Taylor, C. Pine
Best Players: A. Congdon, B. Woolford, A. D”Agostino, T. Pellegrini, R. Fowler
Goal Kickers: J. Parker 3, E. Balmer 2
Best Players: P. McNamara, N. Carr, B. Luteria, J. Penny, J. Murphy





Port                      25.13-163  

PropRisdon            0.0-0


Best Players: F. Blieschke, B. Congdon, S. Reid, B. Harvey, A. Jacobs

Goal Kickers: B. Tattoli 5, N. Remphrey 4, T. Amey 4, D. Gray 3, J. Tiller 2, J. Gibson 2, W. Peterson, L. Collins, N. Sparks, L. Lane, L. Johnson
Best Players: N. Sparks, L. Collins, L. Johnson, D. Gray, W. Peterson