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The Bulldogs took care of the Cats in the As and Colts but the B Grade are yet to register a win for the season after last Sunday’s games in Port Pirie.


Round 5



Port                         12.12-84  

Solomontown       4.7-31

Goal Kickers: C. Pisani 3, C. Grove 2, A. Coe 2, B. Woodards 2, Z. Hutchinson, S. Jared, S. Keane
Best Players: C. Pisani, J. Corrieri, D. Puddy, J. Murphy, A. Coe
Goal Kickers: R. Hoare 2, M. Munzberg, N. Redman
Best Players: R. Hayes, R. Bernhardt, N. Redman, J. Hayes




Port                           5.8-38  

Solomontown        8.8-56

Goal Kickers: T. Dickeson 2, J. Parker 2, N. Carr
Best Players: W. McCourt, D. Trennery, N. Sparks, T. Dickeson, N. Carr
Goal Kickers: K. Clayton 2, M. Spadavecchia 2, C. Southam, T. Davidson, J. Power, D. Hastings
Best Players: D. Eldridge, J. Cousins, C. Southam, J. Degennaro, K. Cunningham




Port                              6.12-48  

Solomontown           4.1-25


Goal Kickers: W. Peterson 3, L. Johnson 2, L. Collins
Best Players: D. Hayward, J. Gibson, W. Peterson, F. Bullen, D. McGuire
Goal Kickers: R. Anderson 2, J. Baker 2
Best Players: T. Head, M. Munzberg, J. Baker, S. Warren, H. Mc Cormick