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Sunday May 27 was a overcast and wet day but the Bulldogs triumphed in Senior Colts, Bs and A’s for the first time this season. It was also Ladies Day for 2018 and they enjoyed some special treatment in their own 5 Star facility erected for the occasion.


Round 6



Port                      9.11-65  

PropRisdon         5.6-36

Goal Kickers: B. Woodards 2, C. Grove 2, G. Phillips 2, M. Collins, A. Coe, Z. Hutchinson
Best Players: S. Jared, S. George, J. Akker, S. Clarke, Z. Hutchinson
Goal Kickers: C. Marsland 3, L. Patterson 2
Best Players: C. Marsland, S. Edwards, L. Patterson, A. Slattery, A. Chivell




Port                   8.9-57 

PropRisdon      3.4-22

Goal Kickers: J. Dunkley 3, J. Parker 3, N. Keane, S. Scarman
Best Players: T. Connor, A. Fetherstonhaugh, J. Dunkley, N. Carr, J. Parker
Goal Kickers: J. Strawbridge 2, A. D”Agostino
Best Players: J. Strawbridge, B. Congdon, T. Edwards



Port                     15.14-104  

PropRisdon          0.2-2

Goal Kickers: N. Remphrey 3, L. Johnson 3, B. Tattoli 2, P. McNamara 2, W. Peterson, J. Gibson, J. Liddicoat, M. Alchin, C. Ward
Best Players: D. Hayward, P. McNamara, J. Gibson, N. Remphrey, L. Collins
Best Players: D. Combe, B. Congdon, K. Mcbride, S. Reid, M. Sexton