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Port triumphed against West Augusta at home on 2nd June 2018 in the top 3 grades for the second week in a row.


Round 7



Port 20.12-132  West Augusta 5.2-32

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 6.1-37 11.3-69 17.8-110 20.12-132
West Augusta 1.0-6 2.0-12 3.1-19 5.2-32


Goal Kickers: C. Grove 8, A. Coe 4, B. Woodards 3, C. Di Stefano, T. Dickeson, F. Collins, D. Puddy, G. Phillips
Best Players: J. Corrieri, C. Grove, D. Puddy, A. Coe, C. Pisani
Goal Kickers: T. Harrison 2, N. Collins, D. McKerlie, J. McKenna
Best Players: T. Harrison, A. Fry, C. Ryan , J. Fraser , S. Laube



Port 18.25-133  West Augusta 4.4-28

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 4.5-29 7.12-54 15.19-109 18.25-133
West Augusta 1.1-7 4.3-27 4.3-27 4.4-28


Goal Kickers: E. Balmer 4, O. Gray 2, N. Keane 2, J. Dunkley 2, S. Scarman 2, N. Magor 2, K. Mohen, M. Wright, M. Gray, C. Brooke
Best Players: B. Luteria, C. Brooke, M. Wright, E. Balmer, J. Dunkley
Goal Kickers: T. Buzzacott, S. Page, M. Coulthard, B. Russell
Best Players: T. Buzzacott, J. Harris, S. Page, J. Reynolds, H. Curtis



Port 15.18-108  West Augusta 2.2-14

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 8.6-54 12.9-81 13.15-93 15.18-108
West Augusta 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.2-8 2.2-14


Goal Kickers: T. Amey 3, M. Pisani 2, L. Johnson 2, P. McNamara 2, B. Tattoli, D. Gray, L. Collins, J. Tiller, J. Liddicoat, K. Bonney
Best Players: P. McNamara, J. Gibson, T. Amey, N. Remphrey, M. Pisani
Goal Kickers: B. Newchurch, B. Corbett
Best Players: K. Buzzacott, K. Ackland, D. Press , B. Grayson , J. Coulthard