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Ports travelled to Port Augusta to take on Central Augusta on 16 June 2018. The only winners on the day were the Senior Colts, the Bs survived with a draw and the As went down by 5 points.


Round 8



Coaches Comments:
Disappointing day, the team got a bit ahead of themselves and couldn’t back themselves performance wise. Skills and effort were down on what we are capable of. On a positive note we had our chances to win but couldn’t capitalise on our opportunities. Next week we have league leaders South Augusta at home so will need to put this week behind us and learn from the experience.

Port 11.4-70  Central Augusta 11.9-75

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Central Augusta 4.2-26 5.3-33 8.6-54 11.9-75
Port 1.0-6 6.1-37 9.3-57 11.4-70


Goal Kickers: B. Woodards 5, C. Grove 3, C. Pisani, J. Akker, S. Clarke
Best Players: D. Puddy, C. Pisani, B. Woodards, S. George, S. Keane
Goal Kickers: B. Colson 2, B. Everett 2, B. Allen 2, C. Williams, J. Reid, R. Finlayson, K. Colson, R. Morris
Best Players: B. Allen, B. Everett, D. Fisher, A. Miller, D. Baker



Coaches Comments: Played well in quarters but not well enough to win the game. Missed opportunities early in the game and we were somewhat outplayed in the last quarter and lucky to hold on for a draw.

Port 18.25-133  Central Augusta 4.4-28

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Central Augusta 5.4-34 7.4-46 7.7-49 9.11-65
Port 2.2-14 7.7-49 7.11-53 9.11-65


Goal Kickers: S. Treloar 4, N. Magor 3, N. Keane, J. Penny
Best Players: J. Parker, O. Gray, N. Magor, J. Penny, A. Fetherstonhaugh
Goal Kickers: T. Baulderstone 3, N. Wedding 2, D. Colson 2, K. Beattie-Dadleh, T. Digance
Best Players: T. Coulthard, D. Colson, N. Mamerow, T. Baulderstone, T. Scott



Coaches Comments: Good win away against the second placed team

Port 8.7-55  Central Augusta 3.4-22

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Central Augusta 0.0 1.3-9 1.3-9 3.4-22
Port 3.3-21 5.4-34 7.7-49 8.7-55


Goal Kickers: T. Amey 2, L. Johnson 2, J. Liddicoat, N. Remphrey, J. Tiller, K. Bonney
Best Players: P. McNamara, T. Amey, J. Gibson, L. Hargreaves, L. Johnson
Goal Kickers: L. Rowe, Z. Johnson-Thomas, I. Haines
Best Players: R. Thomas, C. Ackland, P. Mardon , L. Veljkovic, A. Brady