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Ports took on South Augusta at home on Sunday 24 June 2018. The games were much anticipated and produced an entertaining day of quality football but with only the Senior Colts U18s coming out victors for the Bulldogs on the day.


Round 9



Coaches Comments:
The team had a fair dinkum crack at them and showed that they aren’t unbeatable, the difference between the two teams on the day was just some poor skills from Port.

Port 11.6-72 South Augusta 16.9-105

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 3.1-19 6.1-37 10.3-63 11.6-72
South Augusta 3.2-20 7.2-44 10.4-64 16.9-105


Goal Kickers: J. Parker 3, C. Grove 2, B. Woodards 2, C. Smith, A. Coe, C. Pisani, G. Phillips
Best Players: C. Pisani, B. Woodards, C. Grove, T. Dickeson, S. Keane
Goal Kickers: T. Hamilton 5, L. Brown 5, B. Russell, D. Dodd, M. Downey, V. Urbancic, R. Fuschtei, A. Stuart
Best Players: K. Thompson, M. Downey, B. Russell, A. Stuart, L. Brown



Coaches Comments: The team played well, effort was asked for, and given, but it was always going to be tough against the top team especially with the amount of regular players that were unavailable this week.

Port 2.2-14 South Augusta 13.17-95

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 1.2-8 2.2-14 2.2-14 2.2-14
South Augusta 2.3-15 2.9-21 9.13-67 13.17-95


Goal Kickers: S. Scarman, N. Keane
Best Players: D. Trennery, M. Wright, N. Carr, S. Scarman, N. Keane
Goal Kickers: M. Gill 4, T. Ritter 2, C. Heron 2, J. Wilson, J. Collins, B. Jones, J. Magarey, D. Dohnt
Best Players: J. Kerin, M. Grantham, R. Frick, J. Westwood, S. Brusnahan



Coaches Comments: We won by 8 points it’s good to take the win but after playing a great first half we played poorly in the second half, only kicked 8 points, and were lucky to hold on to the win. It did identify a lack of individual preparation before the game but I am sure the boys will get better each week so we are prepared by the end of the year to play a good finals series.

Port 6.14-50 South Augusta 5.12-42

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port 3.5-23 6.6-42 6.11-47 6.14-50
South Augusta 0.4-4 0.8-8 3.9-27 5.12-42


Goal Kickers: W. Peterson, B. Tattoli, P. McNamara, D. Gray, T. Amey, L. Johnson
Best Players: J. Tiller, L. Hargreaves, D. Hayward, L. Dreaver, F. Bullen
Goal Kickers: C. McMillan 2, K. Warren, Z. Sard, F. Everett
Best Players: M. French, W. Bolitho, J. Strangways, K. Warren, R. Irvine